Welcome to Trent Family Farms, LLC. We are located on the beautiful Oregon Coast in Cloverdale, OR, and specialize in raising fresh eggs and pasture raised lamb.

Meet Myrtle

Myrtle is a hard-working, focused hen who is respected by all in the chicken yard. She has a no-nonsense attitude that carries through into her personal life. She has taken her job of laying eggs very seriously. Myrtle is a transplant from Washington state and has enjoyed the more moderate climate of the northern Oregon coast. “Having so much room to roam is wonderful”, said Myrtle. Myrtle has a very wry sense of humor but when she finally smiles her face just lights up. One of her colleagues said, “Myrtle is a tough bird to get to know, but once you do, she is a friend for life and you know she will always have your back.” We are proud to have Myrtle be our first ‘Employee of the Month’. She has set a high standard for all the others to strive toward.