Welcome to Trent Family Farms, LLC. We are located on the beautiful Oregon Coast in Cloverdale, OR, and specialize in raising fresh eggs and pasture raised lamb.

Breed: Frizzle Polish     Egg Color: n/a (Because he's a rooster!) Alastair is our first Employee of the Month. I can still remember the first day Alastair arrived. Before he came all the hens seemed timid and stayed near the coop. After Alastair arrived they have begun to spread out

Breed: White Leghorn     Egg Color: White Penelope is one of those hens that does her job and quietly cares for others. We never really noticed her until she was mentioned by several of the other hens. One hen said, "Do you know who Penelope is? She is so kind. The

Breed: Lakenvelder     Egg Color: Cream About six weeks ago, Ying Yang joined Trent Family Farms llc and moved into the southern coop. Ying Yang comes from a foreign land and still had problems with understanding American Cluck. She only spoke Chinese Chicken. After having observed her in the yard and her

Breed: Barred Rock     Egg Color: Brown

As we looked over our employees during working hours, and after hours, we noticed the most remarkable hen – Ethel. Not only does she meet her egg quota each day with a warm happy cackle, she has become the foster mother to

Breed: Black Star     Egg Color: Brown

Myrtle is a hard-working, focused hen who is respected by all in the chicken yard. She has a no-nonsense attitude that carries through into her personal life. She has taken her job of laying eggs very seriously. Myrtle is a transplant from Washington state

Breed: Red Comet     Egg Color: Brown

Jane is a quiet, unassuming hen and faithfully lays an egg each day. She is one of those chickens that may be easily overlooked but Penelope and Ethel have both recommended her for Employee of the Month. From Ethel I heard, "She's so

Breed: White Leghorn     Egg Color: White

I was in the barn feeding the bummer lambs and baby goats when I noticed Lottie hanging around. Over the next few days I kept seeing her near the grain, watching over the babies making sure they shared the grain with each other.

Breed: Black Sexlink     Egg Color: Brown

Early in March, Naomi came up to me and said she had heard through the grape vine that we were adopting a new flock of chickens. She seemed a little worried about how they would adjust to their new life. Naomi told me,

Breed: Americana     Egg Color: Blue-green Come rain or shine, Emily fulfills her given duties. She hears the truck pull up and knows that it is time to do her job. Emily the Americana is our feed steward. She checks each bag for quality and making sure the feed is up