Welcome to Trent Family Farms, LLC. We are located on the beautiful Oregon Coast in Cloverdale, OR, and specialize in raising fresh eggs and pasture raised lamb.

Welcome to Trent Family Farms, LLC

We are Mike and Alexa – Together we operate a small farm in Cloverdale, Oregon, with lots and lots of chickens and sheep. Our main focus at this time are the chickens, or should we say what they produce: We sell farm fresh eggs. Our eggs are available for sale at the farm, from select local retailers, and can also be found served at many Portland area restaurants.

Mike was born and raised on the farm in Cloverdale, Oregon, and has farmed all his life. Starting as a young boy in 4H with sheep and throughout his working years as a dairy farmer. Now semi-retired he has returned to raising sheep. Alexa is also a native Oregonian, born and raised in Coos Bay. She is just beginning her farming journey – jumping in with 500 chickens and loving every minute of it. In addition to the working animals, Alexa and Mike also keep a goat named Edgar, a sheep named Ernie, a small herd of donkeys, and four dogs (Daisy, Nicky, Rosie, and Squeak).

Happy Hen Division

Shaggy Sheep Division

Employee of the Month

April – Naomi

Breed: Black Sexlink     Egg Color: Brown

Early in March, Naomi came up to me and said she had heard through the grape vine that we were adopting a new flock of chickens. She seemed a little worried about how they would adjust to their new life. Naomi told me, “I remember my first day here and how scary it was. They need to know it will be alright. They need to know what a happy place this is.”

A couple of weeks later we brought home 330 pullets (a young hen that has not yet begun to lay eggs). Naomi saw that they were a little scared and unsure. She went out to the truck and greeted each pullet. She even moved in with the pullets to teach them about the farm and how to be a vital contributor to the farm’s success.

I was talking to Ruthie, one of the new pullets, and she told me about the day they arrived. Ruthie said, “I was looking out from the truck and wondering about my fate. Would I see my friends again? Would I be happy here? I was so afraid. Then I looked over and there was a hen. She was talking to each of us as we disembarked from the truck. She said her name was Naomi and that she knew how scary a new place was. And that we didn’t need to worry, we would be happy here. We would be loved and taken care of. I knew at that moment everything would be OK.”

Not only did she greet them, but she became their Coop Mother–helping them transition into adulthood.

Because of her compassion for others, leadership skills, and her willingness to put others first, we have chosen Naomi to be our April Employee of the Month.

We are excited to share these experiences with you and introduce you to our family!