Welcome to Trent Family Farms, LLC. We are located on the beautiful Oregon Coast in Cloverdale, OR, and specialize in raising fresh eggs and pasture raised lamb.

What We Offer

Farm Fresh Eggs

One Dozen Eggs

Twelve beautiful multi-colored eggs – ranging from light- to dark-brown, blue, green and occasionally white. Eggs vary in size depending on where you choose to purchase. On the farm you will find a mix of medium to extra-large. Eggs available for purchase at retail locations are large or extra-large.

Case of Eggs

Fifteen dozen (180 individual) beautiful multi-colored eggs. Ranging in color from light- to dark-brown, blue, green and occasionally white. Case are available as medium, large, or extra-large.

Where to Buy Our Eggs

Our eggs are available for sale at the farm located at 35905 Jenck Road, Cloverdale, OR 97112. Please feel free to stop by anytime and purchase eggs from our self-serve fridge located on the front porch (cash only).

In Cloverdale, OR, our eggs can be found at Nestucca Bay Creamery (34410 U.S. 101 S, Cloverdale, OR 97112), conveniently located right on Hwy. 101.

Look for our eggs in Portland at Laurelhurst Market, located at 3155 E Burnside St, Portland, OR 97214. And at Joule, located at 4615 NE Sandy Blvd, Portland, OR 97214.

Are you interested in placing a custom order?

100% Grass-fed Lamb

Whole lamb

Approximately 45 - 60 lbs. hanging weight (after processing)

All lamb is cut to order, if you wish I can go over the options with you and help decide how you want it done.  Cutting options below:

  • Legs: Whole or cut in half, can be deboned and butterflied, or cut into leg steaks
  • Rack: Rack or cut into chops.
  • Shoulders: Whole or boned and rolled into a small roast tied with string.
  • Shanks: Whole or cut into 2 inch lengths.
  • Stew meat: This will come from the trim.
  • *Ground lamb:  Can be ordered in place of other cuts, please inquire.
  • Organ meats:  Liver, kidney, heart, etc. Please specify.
  • Soup bones: All orders get soup bones unless you say you don’t want them.

How to Buy Lamb

Lamb is available from July through September. You can buy whole lamb cut to order by contacting Mike at trentfamilyfarmsllc@yahoo.com.

It is also available for sale at the farm, located at 35905 Jenck Road, Cloverdale, OR 97112. You can purchase lamb from our self-serve freezer, located on the front porch. All lamb is USDA inspected and priced as marked (cash only). Please feel free to stop by anytime.