Welcome to Trent Family Farms, LLC. We are located on the beautiful Oregon Coast in Cloverdale, OR, and specialize in raising fresh eggs and pasture raised lamb.

Farm History

Coming to America

The Baur Family immigrated from Austria to the United States in 1889 and established their first homestead on Slab Creek, just outside of what is present day Neskowin, OR. They had five girls.


Between 1902 and 1920 three of the Baur girls met and married three of the Trent boys from Neskowin. James Trent and Emma Baur moved to Cloverdale and milked cows on different farms. They eventually settled in 1928 and established Trent Farm in its current location. James and Emma had three children.


In 1958 Jim Trent married Marlene McKinley of Willamina, OR. They eventually took over the farm and raised five children.

Mike Trent

Mike worked the dairy for twenty-six years and became partners with his mother, Marlene, in 2015. They sold the dairy operation and re-named the farm Trent Family Farms LLC. Mike retained approximately 65 acres where he keeps nearly 100 head of sheep.

Alexa and Mike

Mike met Alexa in 2017 and it was love at first sight. Working together as a team it didn’t take long before they decided to grow their egg empire. Starting with 500 chickens. That number continues to grow today with an eventual goal of 1,500 hens… or more.