Welcome to Trent Family Farms, LLC. We are located on the beautiful Oregon Coast in Cloverdale, OR, and specialize in raising fresh eggs and pasture raised lamb.

Meet Lottie

Breed: White Leghorn     Egg Color: White

I was in the barn feeding the bummer lambs and baby goats when I noticed Lottie hanging around. Over the next few days I kept seeing her near the grain, watching over the babies making sure they shared the grain with each other. It was so cute to see her teaching the babies how to share.

Our smallest goat, Dear, said to me, “That chicken, Lottie, is so sweet. She always makes sure that I get my share of the grain. Because of her I always get enough to eat.”

Because she has taken the time to teach the babies how to share, we elect Lottie to be a Featured Employee.